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Beware of Roof and Property Damage! How to Remove Snow Safely

Darling’s Agency and Maine Mutual, along with many other insurance companies, are reminding their policyholders to be cautious and safe during this increased snowfall.

Northern New England has received a tremendous amount of snow this winter season. The weight of this accumulation is significant, and with several weeks of winter remaining, there is a strong likelihood that we will continue to see more snowfall. In order to avoid water back-up damage and potential collapse, we highly recommend that you clear your roof of excess ice and snow. We also stress that you check your decks and outbuildings, as the snow load has a significant effect on these structures as well.

Taking preventative action today to protect your property could save you a tremendous amount of inconvenience and frustration. Should you have questions or need further information, please call an agent at Darling’s at (207) 992-1720.

How to Remove Snow Safely

With all the snow this winter, a lot of homeowners and business owners face the need to remove snow from their roofs to prevent ice dams or even collapse. To stay safe while protecting your roof, follow these proven tips:

  1. Use a snow rake from the ground whenever possible. If you must get on the roof, move cautiously and use a safety harness. If you need a ladder, make sure it’s securely planted.
  2. Check the location of skylights and roof vents before removing any snow, and always stay clear of electrical wiring.
  3. To prevent damage to your shingles, always shovel down the roof, never up, and leave 2 to 3 inches of snow cover.
  4. Clear at least the bottom four feet of the slope to eliminate ice dams. If you do get ice buildup, never use an axe or other sharp object to break it up. And have a professional check for proper roof ventilation and attic insulation.

This safety message is brought to you by Darling’s Agency (www.darlingsagency.com) and MMG Insurance (www.mmgins.com).

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